What's the difference between authentic 42 SOUTH rugby jumpers and other 'rugby style' tops?

The traditional rugby jumper was engineered for rough play (perfect for children!) yet remains one of the most charming styles to endure the test of time. We've remained true to the details: the fabric for 42 SOUTH rugby jumpers is made the old-fashioned way, stripe by stripe in small batches, on circular weave machines in Australia. Our buttons are rubber, just like those used for rough tackles. And our collars are made from a single piece of cotton drill, always in crisp white and reinforced with herringbone tape inside and out.

Oops - I've lost a button...

No problem! Authentic rubber rugby buttons can be hard to find, so contact us using the form at the Contact Us page (don't forget to include your postal address) and we'll send you a complimentary replacement.  Postage will be charged for customers outside Australia.

Can I dry my rugger in the tumble dryer?

Nope... Your rugby jumper is best cold-washed and line-dried, but if it does happen to find its way into the tumble dryer, you can expect about 5% shrinkage.

Why a cotton blend?

When polyester became available in the 1950s, it was incorporated into rugby jumpers for three reasons: first, it enhanced durability; secondly, it makes the garment harder to grab hold of in a tackle, and thirdly it absorbs mud and water less readily. The few circular weave machines in Australia today only produce jersey fabric in an ideal everyday blend of 65% cotton, 35% polyester. (On the field, teams now wear 100% polyester.)



Do you offer gift packaging?

We don't specially gift wrap because we package all orders such that they are a joy to receive! If you wish to send a 42 SOUTH rugby jumper as a gift, be sure to edit the shipping address to that of your intended recipient at checkout.

Do you produce customised rugby jumpers for groups, like sports teams, clubs, kindergartens or school leavers?

Yes, for more information on how to order 45 or more rugby jumpers in custom colours, please click here to request an Information Pack, or call us on 0403 430 604.